Men's Ministries

There are several opportunities for men to gather for ministry.

Breakfast Men’s Groups

Wednesdays at 6am

Prayer and a cup of coffee at NLPC

For more information about men’s ministry opportunities at NLPC, contact the church office.

Adult Sunday School

Sunday School is another opportunity to grow in Christ. We aim to make disciples who will go out and make disciples. For adults we usually offer 3 classes each week. The classes cover the breadth of needs—beginner’s classes, a study on a book of the Bible, theology, and Christian living. After worship, grab a cup of coffee and join in.

Small Groups

We strongly encourage our congregation to gather together in one of our several Small Groups. These groups meet at homes or in the church building. Each is led by someone familiar with leading a small group, and most groups are attended by a church Elder. These groups take time to study the Bible in various formats, pray together, and learn to love one another better. We are always looking to begin a new small group while others complete their natural cycle creating space for a new group.

The different Small Groups are listed at the church with the leaders’ phone numbers, or you may contact the church office by phone (724-744-4760) or email for further information.

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