We pray that you find our site helpful and encouraging. As our name implies, we are living testimonies that God changes people!

We are a people who have experienced the love and grace of a Holy God. Because of His great love and mercy, we have been brought out of lives of darkness, despair, and sin and brought into lives of light, peace, and forgiveness. This new life is found in Jesus Christ alone, the true lover of sinners. No one else loves like Jesus does. He is the one we worship and adore. He is the one we want you to know in a loving relational way.

It is through Jesus, new life is found and it is received though faith. It is a wonderful gift from the Holy God who made us, He calls us to turn from our lives of sin and brokenness and turn to Him to receive peace, forgiveness, everlasting life, and joy.

No matter what brings you here, we are pleased to welcome you and look forward to connecting with you!

Welcome to New Life Brochure